We built our first sawmill in the early 1950's and have continuously upgraded the facility in response to changes in market demand and effective resource management.

In 2006 we built a new modern, fully computerized and optimized sawmill to efficiently process smaller second growth logs. This new facility can process roughly four times the volume with one third the previous workforce. It remains one of the most efficient sawmills in the world.

Lumber products are sawn in sizes from 2" x 4" through 2" X 12", 3" x 4" through 3" X 12" and 4" X 4" through 4" X 12". All dimensions are manufactured in 8' to 20' lengths. Virtually any size can be sawn within these parameters. Most grades are available, as are customer requested proprietary grades.

Our manufacturing quality is second to none, and we welcome you to compare the famous Socomi brand quality to any other lumber produced.